Change the way you stay.
Now your hotel room has as much to discover as the city outside of it.

Matilda aims to be the world’s most immersive hotel experience by infusing mobile technology with thoughtfully crafted collaborations of artists and software developers. As a result, select hotel rooms will become the most exclusive experiences that New York City has to offer.

For further information about how your hotel can partner with Matilda email us at and a Matilda representative will contact you soon.

Hotel Partnerships

The rising Millennial Generation represents more than one quarter of the nation’s population and expects more from their hotel stays than ever before. Acknowledging these increased demands for convenience and productivity we begin the connection through a familiar channel—the mobile app. Matilda enables users to deepen their overall relationship within and beyond the hotel walls.

Customer Experience

Never intrusive, always personal, Matilda fulfills unsaid wishes to create meaningful journeys.